Her name is Nor ain . sweet 21 . 2nd March is her day . she proud to be Perak Gurl  :) taken already okay! Nor Azieman b. Aziz , the very caring guy . Thanks for being part of my life :) i love you ! I LOVE Blue . I'm just another bimbo , love blogging . I enjoy my life because I've got a lot of friends , I'm simple too awesome to be describe in words . You've just continue to read my blog to know more about me :)

friends, 'dont judge me if you dont know me' 
i hate thatt , you better know me well , 
before you judge me for sure i'm not bad as you think

but sometimes i cruel xD

- i talk to everyone,
- i am friendly yeah yeah :)
- take note please! hee


His name is Nor Azieman , my HUSBAND  :) hehe. handsome guy wif his littledamncute dimple ! awesome! he is caring , but sometimes he like to sulk, so cute la syg ! I LOVE YOU bie ! 

he is mine he is mine he is mine


You should know before explore my bloggie :) I HATE

Copy cat
Rude people