Wednesday, February 9, 2011


"Always remind yourself that you are not perfect , and never be one"

mengaku je laa der  . most of us selalu perhatikan others people life and selalu fikir  

'Oh My God why laa aku tak jadi macam dia , dia tu mcm perfect gilaa , dia tu lawa , selalu happy , ada itu , ada ini .. aku apa yg ada .. aishh..."

well somehow , i think that is seriously A STUPID BULLSHIT ,  theres no one that stand up at this world perfectly . NO ONE ! NO BODY !

yupp , same goes to me , termasuk engkau , termasuk dia dan mereka dan sesiapa saje..
the point is now , perfect is not how you cant describe others human . bcoz perfect is totally BULLSHIT and one advice , aku rasa , baik korang berhenti perhati kan orang yang korang rasa ada life lagi  better daripada korang sebab korang akan miss every nikmat yang korang dapat and tanpa korang sedar , korang akan terikut dengan cara miss-i-think-he/she-is-perfect tersebut and yeaahhhhh , you will never be yourself..

the ugly truth about life is "youu cannot get everything that you want, cayangg.."

p/s : SO JUST LOOK AROUND , SEE WHAT YOU HAVE , THANK FOR THAT :) remember that okayy!!

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